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Hi Tobias! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey, I’m Tobi, a content creator from northern Germany. I enjoy an array of creative communication and outputs, such as art and design, and music thrills and inspires me too. On my free time you will often find me browsing art galleries or playing a jazz piece on my saxophone. Photography is my passion though, and I work on capturing everyday moments. Digital or analogue, in the city or in nature, at home or while travelling – it does not really matter. I do not work with a specific scheme or direction, however, what I try to portray through my photography is a certain atmosphere and the moment itself. I love the works of artists like Helmut Newton and expressionists like Emil Nolde and Paula Modersohn-Becker. I look to them for inspiration.

What are your workspace essentials?

Apart from my Move chair, I need unlimited supplies of water and coffee, and notebooks with blank pages to organize my thoughts. My Navucko calendar, pens from Muji, great lighting and the impeccable view of calm green fields through my window – are all elements which combined create an ideal workspace for me. My favorite background music is Bon Iver, Beach Fossils or classical piano by Lambert.

Mirror on desk and Tobias on Move

What is important to you when choosing pieces to surround yourself with?

To me it is very important to be organized, spatially as well as mentally. Before I sit down by my desk, it has to be tidy, containing only things that are essential for my work progress. I practice minimalism, not only in regards to objects but all aspects of life, leaving room for clarity. When it comes to colors, I like to place little accents here and there. I have incorporated colorful vases and pictures in my room, but overall, I prefer a clean palette of white, gray and light wood tones. So, Move with a white base and a light gray cover is a perfect fit.

What do you like most about Move?

First of all, the timeless design. I know that Move will remain a fixed component in my workspace. Furthermore, it offers a level of comfort which is quite different from a traditional chair because of its flexibility. It is great how the chair adapts to my movements; it makes me feel free while working. Being able to adjust the height and turn the seat all the way around, I gain a better overview of my desk. I feel that my body doesn’t tense up like before. It is pure comfort.

Varier Move chair in front of art

How do you incorporate movement into your daily life?

Going for a walk, turning on music, taking a shower in the middle of the day, meeting my friends spontaneously, writing down ideas that comes to mind - all of this helps me free my mind and bring movement into my everyday life. If I ever need a change of perspective, I usually walk along the beautiful fields right in front of my house or enjoy a coffee on the balcony instead of by the desk. I believe that movement is not only something physical, but also a state of mind, so I incorporate movement into my daily life by regularly changing my surroundings.



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