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Hi Laetitia! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Laetitia, I’m a French girl living in Berlin, where I have been for almost 15 years now. I am a freelance PR consultant and I work with clients within the lifestyle sector. In 2013 I started monochrome, which is a platform with a blog and Instagram channel where I express my creativity and encourage my followers to do the same. I share easy do-it-yourself tutorials, using both newer and older crafting methods and discuss trends. I also use my platform to promote smaller lesser known brands with handmade products.  


What are your workspace essentials? 

As a freelancer, my workspace changes from day to day as I work from different locations – it could be at an agency, a co-working space, from home or in my studio which I share with my boyfriend who works as a tattoo artist. My work routines also vary a whole lot, so the number one criterion for my workspace is that it is flexible. I always have my laptop, phone, my paper notebook and my favorite pen close by. In my home studio I have invested in a standing desk which is perfectly accompanied by Move, combined they provide the flexibility I need!  

What is important to you when choosing pieces to surround yourself with? 

When picking out interior pieces, I attach great importance to quality, durability, good materials and a minimalistic appearance without bells and whistles. I often combine new pieces and vintage furnishings. I avoid impulse purchases, everything I buy is well thought out. It’s a bonus if the items can serve several purposes.   

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What do you like most about Move? 

I am really bad at sitting still – wobbling, sliding back and forth, and sitting on the edge of my seat comes naturally to me whenever I get into a good flow while working. These habits have proven to not always be too safe though, I have a track record of falling off my chair. That is why I love Move, as it simply follows my movements and provides me with support when I need it. The chair is currently at my studio and I use it whenever I have to do anything on my laptop. Recently the tattoo artists have been using it whenever they get the chance - they are all a bit tired of their uncomfortable roller stools!

How do you incorporate movement into your daily life? 

I spend the majority of my time sitting in front of my laptop, so it’s important to me to move when I can. My dog, Karl, does a great job of keeping me on my feet and the daily walks with him keeps me moving. Whenever possible I walk to my appointments. Since incorporating Move and a height-adjustable desk into my space I’ve been able to stay active while working as well! 


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