Inspired by nature

Posted on April 21. 2020



Inspired by nature
Growing up in Northern Jutland surrounded by a raw coastal landscape, photographer Marianne Jacobsen continues to find inspiration in nature. Her Aarhus home is an elegant display of her attention to detail, where she marries Danish midcentury icons with carefully selected design pieces.

“I feel closely connected to nature and to the sea especially - it has a calming effect on me. I find inspiration in the materials, textures and natural light found in the Danish nature that I love so much.” Marianne says.

Interior picture of dresser in bedroom

What’s important to you when choosing objects to bring into your home?

It’s important to me that my surroundings are beautiful and inviting. This also applies to my home. Our house is from 1969 and is designed by Danish architects Friis & Moltke, influenced by Le Corbusier. We've lived in our house for almost eighteen years and just love spending time at home in our little suburb Risskov. I value functionality and don't really need that much space to feel comfortable. Together, my boyfriend and I have carefully selected the pieces that we surround ourselves with. I have a soft spot for Danish midcentury icons, and like to mix these with unique design pieces and vintage furniture.

Variable Monochrome in oxide by workspace and desk in home office

How does Variable fit into the mix?

Variable is a statement piece and truly anything but a regular chair. Not only because of its characteristic looks, but because of the sitting experience it provides. It feels so different compared to a traditional chair, but it’s absolutely comfortable and it supports my body so well. I really love the soft shapes and its sculptural expression. Being able to change positions every once in while enables me to work comfortably for longer. Both my boyfriend I love to sit on Variable while working, either from the kitchen dining table or our little workspace under the stairs.

Close up image of Variable chair by desk workstation in home office
Variable Monochrome in oxide by dining table, a great home office set up

Tell us more about your work as a photographer, what attracted you to it initially?

I've been fascinated with photography ever since I took a course in elementary school. I love working with contrasts in materials, details, natural light, colors and textures. To me, lighting is the most important aspect, and it’s always an exciting challenge searching for that beautiful soft light to shoot in. I enjoy exploring new angles and perspectives in my work. It just comes naturally, and it’s more a way of life than a profession to me really.

home interior photo of bookcase in living room

When you’re not behind the camera, what’s your favorite pastime?

When I’m not working I spend time together with my boyfriend Nicolaj and our Main Coone cat Leone. On a day off Nicolaj and I would typically ride our bikes into the city, take a stroll on the cobblestone streets, and have lunch at one of our favorite coffee places in town. We also enjoy taking short road trips in our vintage car, visiting family and friends. I love reading fictional novels, going to museums and the theater - it feeds the imagination.  

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