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Hi Eva! Please, tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Hi, I’m Eva. A creative mind, always on the hunt for new inspiration and absolutely in love with anything related to color, art and design. This August, my husband, three sons and I moved to Northern Germany to chase our dreams. Now we live on a beautiful farm, just an hour drive south of Kiel. Here I have plenty of space for my ideas and dreams; I host inspirational workshops and I even have room for a little Icelandic horse breeding.  

What are the essentials in your home?  

The most important part of my home is color. By choosing the right color, it gives an empty room the right ambiance and feeling. If the color you have chosen is right, everything else will fall into place naturally. A couple of design objects mixed with comfortable and functional furniture and antique pieces is essential for me.

How do you choose the pieces to surround yourself with?  

I’m often led by the atmosphere of a room in addition to the needs and requirements of the people who live in the space. It’s also an intuitive decision, based on a gut feeling. Choosing the right piece of furniture is heavily related to feeling and intuition for me. Moodboards also help me choose the right colors and are a key part in the creative process.

What do you like most about Ekstrem? 

Ekstrem is anything but a regular chair, especially because it feels so different to sit in. The shape of the chair follows the natural shape of your body. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s very different, but also very comfortable. When I first saw Ekstrem I thought “Wow! Finally, an iconic statement piece.” We placed it in our reading room and it’s very popular, often occupied by either my husband or one of my sons. Sometimes they even sit upside-down in it, but unfortunately, I haven’t caught that on film yet.

How do you incorporate movement into your daily life? 

I try to alternate between office chairs every now and then, but besides from that the farm is what keeps me busy at the moment. It’s the best workout, in my opinion.

Can you tell us a bit about your new home? 

I would love to! We found a beautiful space, which is an old estate with two large barns. One is used for our horse breeding and the other is a carpenter’s workshop with an antiques shop attached. Interior is a key element here as well. 

We are also planning to have a little vacation home on the farm with two guestrooms, an additional location for my workshops and a little store. In the store I want to display a range of brands, and of course, my own pillow brand, Lumikello.

What is your process when decorating a new space? 

I start by considering the surroundings, both the view outside as well as the other rooms. In my new house for instance, the red bricks and the terrazzo floor caught my attention. Therefore, the colors of the bricks and the flooring became the central elements. All the colors I choose had to harmonize well with them.  

I create moodboards, experiment around and then the long-lasting process of choosing colors begins. As soon as that foundation is in place, all other things come naturally. The tiles in my kitchen fits into the historical setting of the house and I created the pattern myself. The entire process involves well considered decisions. With that being said, I actually make most of my decisions after moving in. Then I’ve had the chance to feel and sense the rooms’ atmosphere.

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