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Hi Alessandra, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi, I’m Alessandra I live just outside of Milan in Italy and I run a blog named Gucki. I have a degree in Art History and a Postgraduate in Interior Design. After graduating I spent some years working in an auction house, and later opened an art gallery of my own in Milan together with two friends. Design has always been my passion and I started to write about the topic online in 2013. After a year of actively updating I was curious to find out if Gucki could become a fulltime job. I took the plunge and quit my day job to focus on the blog… and I am proud to say that it all worked out! I became a mother one year ago, and as our family has expanded our lives have become more hectic, but so much more fun in return!

We’re curious, could you tell us what Gucki means?

Gucki was Anna Mahler’s nickname. She was the daughter of composer and orchestra conductor, Gustav Mahler, and Alma Schindler. Alma Schindler was one of the most influential women of her time. Her drawing room became a hotspot of the artistic scene in the 20th century, first in Vienna and later Los Angeles. Derived from the German language, Gucki is an endearing term that means little observer. It was love at the first sight! Anna lived in a very important historical time, as she observed and witnessed events from the front row. I am Gucki: I observe everything, and I do not miss any details!

work desk

What are your workspace essentials?

I work from home and I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop. I move around a lot, especially now that I have a little boy to take care of. I work from the couch, from the bed, on the floor, or on the terrace – I’m basically all over the place! To me variation is key and I need natural light to in order to be productive while working. After spending some time working on my new Variable balans I’ve discovered the importance of a great chair; it allows me to stay focused and I’m able to sit by the table for longer compared to before.  

What is important to you when choosing pieces to surround yourself with?

As a freelancer I spend a lot of time at home, so the way my home looks and functions is really important to me. I need to feel comfortable and have the right balance between spaces where I work and relax. I love functional and beautiful furniture, and my experience is that Scandinavian design embodies the best of those two elements.

Alessandra on Variable balans by dining table

What do you like most about the Variable balans?

I like the feeling of balance it provides and how my back responds when I sit on it. The first time I tried it I did not expect it to be so comfortable! I use the Variable balans while I work, and it has really become my best friend in the home office. I am in love with the new colors. They have given a new and modern feel to a truly iconic piece of furniture.

How do you incorporate movement into your daily life?

I love taking long walks before or after work. I live just outside Milan, the capital of design, indeed the best place to live with my kind of passion! A three-minute walk from my house you will find the Naviglio Martesana, the surrounding area offers a great mix of nature and history. Unfortunately, I’m not super athletic which makes it even more important that I have a good chair that supports my body. 

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