Say hi to Variable™ Plus

We are happy to introduce the newest addition to the Varier collection, Variable™ Plus. Developed in close collaboration with designer Peter Opsvik, Variable™ Plus is crafted to move with the body encouraging you to stretch, lean, twist, and sway as you sit.

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Our homes are no longer just sanctuaries where we can retreat and relax, for so many of us they have also become our place of work. As the personal meets the professional, new needs arise, placing new demands on our homes and how we furnish them. Versatile and dynamic, Variable™ Plus is equipped to meet the combined demands of both leisure and work.

Variable™ Plus is an advancement of the iconic Variable™. The chair features a fixed backrest with an upholstered cushion, allowing you to vary between a wide range of sitting positions. The curvature of the wooden runners is optimized, which makes finding and holding a balanced position both effortless and intuitive, while effectively eliminating any unwanted pressure on the shins when in the kneeling position.

Whether you have a dedicated home office area or get the job done by your dining table, Variable™ Plus is sure to bring a sense of character and comfort to your home set-up. Discover the different variants and find the combination that best suits you and your space.