Playing dress-up in Copenhagen

Posted on November 22. 2021



Playing dress-up in Copenhagen
If Marie wasn’t working as a content creator she would pursue a life on stage, living out her love for musical theatre. When decorating her Copenhagen home, she opts for eclectic pieces that demand attention where Ekstrem™ fits right in. And the sitting experience? Take it from her dad who claims it’s the most comfortable chair she’s ever had. 

Hi Marie! Please, tell us a little about yourself 

My name is Marie Jedig, I’m 29 years old and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I work as a content creator and influencer.  

What sparked your fashion interest? 

It’s been more of an interest in aesthetics than in fashion, really. I was a creative child and my passion for visual expressions began early. I’ve been playing in musicals for as long as I can remember, so I guess a part of the journey began with creating characters, exploring different periods and time typical costumes. I’ve always loved playing dress-up, creating a scene around different characters, and directing – luck had it that this combination of interests fell perfectly in line with the emergence of the influencer phenomenon. 

What is the best part about your job?  

The freedom. I can travel and work wherever and whenever I want, and I’m not forced into a traditional time schedule. I’ve also met most of my closest friends through my job and those relationships are worth everything to me. We share so many mutual interests and perspectives on life, it’s truly a kind of community I’ve never been part of before. 

What would you say are the most challenging aspects of your job? 

It is challenging to be a target for people’s anonymous opinions. It’s like constantly holding a mirror up in front of you.  

If you didn’t work as an influencer, what would you do?  

I’d probably try making a living out of musical theatre. I feel totally fulfilled on stage and I love the process of getting to know my character and bringing it to life. 

Ekstrem by Terje Ekstrøm in Port
Ekstrem by Terje Ekstrøm in Port


Your approach to dressing is so playful, yet always elegant. Do you think the way you dress has an impact on how you decorate your home?  

Definitely! I feel like my home acts as an extension of my wardrobe and vice versa. 

You call your Copenhagen home your little furniture museum. What’s important to you when bringing new pieces into your home?  

I’m very selective and I instantly know what I like. I’ve yet to change my mind about a piece of furniture, but I do redecorate from time to time if I feel the need to change things up. Picking the right furniture is an intuitive journey for me. I never pick a piece based on a certain placement - in a way everything just fits together and if not, I change the scenery to make it fit. In general, I’m fond of eclectic pieces that scream for attention, which makes the Memphis area a recurring theme in my home.  

Most of us have spent large portions of the past year and a half at home. How has this affected the way you look at your own indoor surroundings?  

I’m used to working from home and spending time here alone, so the change was not as big for me as for many others. Normally I get a lot of inspiration when traveling and that part was difficult to deal with. I think that was why I decided to redecorate my home in the first lockdown period with more colorful and fun pieces so I could feel inspired at home as well.

Marie Jedig sitting on Ekstrem in Port in her Copenhagen home


 We are so excited to see Ekstrem™ in your space. When did you first discover the chair?  

The design is just so welcoming and inviting. I noticed the chair on social media - and because it’s an instant attention demander it was love at first sight. It’s a joyful piece. Getting it home I was honestly quite surprised by how amazing it also is to sit in.  

How does Ekstrem™ fit into your space and everyday life? 

I work a lot on my phone so sitting in the chair in various positions is a wonderful experience. I love the combination of function and aesthetics it brings to my home. Also, my 4-year-old niece visits a couple of times a week and she instantly climbed it and calls it “her chair”. Even my parents from the countryside are crazy about it and my dad claims it to be the most comfortable chair I’ve ever had. I love how its design appeals to different people of all ages. 

How do you use the chair in your everyday life?  

It is now placed in my bedroom with a view over my French balcony and I’m a big fan of just sitting there in the morning light with a fresh cup of coffee or people-watching in the evening with a glass of wine. 

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