Ekstrem featured in hip Norwegian music video

Posted on July 2. 2018

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Ekstrem featured in hip Norwegian music video

Turns out that the Ekstrem hype has now reached the music scene. In the new music video, “Wild One,” by Norwegian artist, Emilie Nicolas, the chair is a fixed component throughout the entire clip.

The set design is minimal and artistic. Alongside the artist and male actor, we see the Ekstrem positioned next to other art sculptures. Sara Gretteberg from design agency, Oslo Aula, chose the chair for the set: “Ekstrem fit perfectly into the mix. Chairs are such well-known objects, yet the Ekstrem is really an unusual shape. It plays on the classic idea of what a chair is and shows the possibility of what a chair could be with a little creativity.” 

The Ekstrem chair designed in the 80s by Norwegian designer, Terje Ekstrøm, is one of Norway’s first postmodern designs. It has since then achieved iconic status due to its unique and visionary qualities. The blend of functionality, softness, dynamism and creative imagination makes the design dramatic and comfort superb.

“We felt it emphasized the theme of the scenography, which plays on the how the traditional, modern and future mix together,” says Gretteberg.

Emilie Nicolas - Wild One

About the artist: Emilie Nicolas released her debut single, “Pstereo,” in 2013 and made an immediate impact on the Norwegian music scene. Her first album, Like I’m a warrior (2014), was released shortly after and went straight to number one on the Norwegian album chart. She went on to receive two Spellemann awards (Norwegian Grammy) in the categories Best new artist and Best pop act.

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