A peak into the office of two beauty entrepreneurs

Posted on August 20. 2018

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A peak into the office of two beauty entrepreneurs
What do beauty products and interior design have in common? In both cases, naturalness is trending! That’s why the 100% natural soaps from Binu and our original kneeling chair make the perfect match.

The office of Binu founders, Katharina Bürger and Nami Fündling, is located on the famous and vibrant Potsdamer Straße, in the center of Berlin. After almost 3 years of working from home, the two friends and now co-workers moved into their first office space, with the Variable being the newest addition to the space. Katharina and Nami have been friends since their youth, and already back then, Katharina greatly admired the hand-made soaps manufactured by Namis family in Korea. In their 20s, both gained experience in marketing and project management, but the idea of starting their own soap brand stayed with them. In 2015, they decided to market the delicate facial soaps made from 100% natural Korean ingredients. Many busy and creative months later, Binu products have captured the German natural cosmetics market. Read in the interview how a typical day looks like for the Binu founders and how the Variable Balans plays a special role in their work day.

The girls share an office space with other companies - and a dog.

  • You’re selling and marketing 100% natural soaps. Is naturalness and health something you resonate with outside of work as well?

The more experience you gain from the field we work in, the more you learn about what is actually natural and healthy for you. It definitely has a big impact on us. When it comes to cosmetics, we now take a very critical look at even the most expensive beauty products that we used to apply to our skin just a few years back. Overall, we’ve become more conscious and make more sustainable choices. For example, we’re trying to reduce waste and live a healthy life, especially when it comes to nutrition and body care.

In Korea, the ingredients are harvested and made into soaps. 

  • Are you active on a regular basis?

Yes, Nami is testing a fitness studio right now and I’m into yoga and running. We’re not super sporty, but we’re very active. Also, our job requires a lot of hands-on work, such as carrying heavy boxes. So, bicep training is part of our jobs!

  • What’s important for you in your office?

We love the networking aspect of our new office, which we share with other companies and publishing houses. Also, the aesthetics of our environment was important to us. You look forward to coming to work if you have a nice office. Some favorites in our office space is the classic USM Haller desk and the artwork on the walls, it gives our room an inspirational touch. 

Small design details spice up the Binu office.

  • And this year, the Variable was added to the collection. What’s the verdict so far?

As a true design classic, the Variable integrates well into our interior. It always looks inviting and motivating, almost like a seesaw. Especially during busy periods, when we’re suffering from stress, we just love the chair, it calms us down and prevents tension in the body.

  • How does the Variable feel, compared to standard office chairs?

Much more playful! You’re allowed to move, so it’s just more fun to sit and rock on the Variable. A normal office chair seems so stiff compared to the kneeling chair. It’s also fantastic that you can always change the position of the legs. Interestingly enough, we noticed that the chair helps you focus better too. And it’s also really nice for our backs. In the beginning, we had to get used to not having a back rest. We sometimes had some funny moments when, lost in thoughts, we leaned back. But we quickly got used to it!

Soaps, soaps, soaps.

Nami (left) and Katharina from Binu on the shared office balcony.

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