The magic tool

Posted on July 13. 2018



The magic tool

Movement at work is vital for everyone who works with their hands. See how a fibre artist from Athens uses the Variable balans in her workshop.

Aggeliki is a fibre artist from Athens, Greece. Last year, she decided to turn weaving into a full-time job. Working with natural fibres only, she creates beautiful clothes, jewellery, and wall art pieces. “I embrace the slow life style that comes with crafting, it’s a perfect balance between everyday life and meditation.”


Crafting can be tough on the body, as hands and arms carry out the same movement over a longer period of time. A standard chair or even standing up regularly didn’t do the trick of finding the right balance: “Weaving is a kind of meditation process in which I lose the right body position and constantly lean forward. My back doesn’t like that at all, and it got really painful for a while.” 

Her boyfriend, who works as an architect, suggested the Variable balans. The kneeling chair allows constant movement and promotes a natural upright sitting position. «It has really become a magic tool for my work. I’ve been using it over a year now, for at least 10hours every day. Finally, I can sit comfortable without any distractions due to pain or stiffness.”


Seeing Aggelikis studio in Athens, the natural lacquered Variables (one of them is actually a vintage piece) fit perfectly into her ensemble of natural fibres, wooden tools and fabric art. You can find her works on Etsy or on her Instagram profile.

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