3 things to check when looking for the perfect recliner

Posted on March 17. 2017



3 things to check when looking for the perfect recliner

3 things to check when looking for the perfect recliner

Stylish recliners are easy to find; you can go to Ikea or try a quick search online with hundreds of results that will interest you. But, a comfortable, stylish and healthy recliner? Now that is another thing entirely. It becomes quite the task to find a recliner chair that has all the qualities you are looking for - comfortable so you can unwind fully, fashion-forward to add a bit of style and healthy to increase your overall wellness.

At Varier we have committed ourselves to making outstanding movement chairs since 1979. Our recliner category is no different, and you can see some familiar designers throughout. As always, our recline category excels in dimensions that are important to the customer.

Effortless comfort

The Varier recline category varies in depth, firmness, height, and sitting position, yet overall comfort remains a constant. It is important to us at Varier to make a chair that can be used to its full potential, so of course, a prime napping spot was in the back of our minds when designing each recline chair. Every chair is tailored to offer effortless comfort by incorporating ergonomic function and quality materials.

Modern and classic aesthetics

Varier offers recliners that are physically supportive, yet we recognize the importance of living in style. Regardless of how comfortable a piece of furniture is, it becomes equally important to find something that is visually attractive. The tailored silhouettes accompanied with the modern, classic aesthetics make Varier recliners all the more enticing. They have a lightness and discrete charm which proves to be a complementary element in every interior. 

Wellness and healthy sitting
Gravity Balans and designer Peter Opsvik

The most difficult dimension to find when looking for the perfect recliner is health. Seeing the sedentary lifestyle taking on new holds in our society, makes it increasingly necessary to find alternatives that contribute to your wellness. Varier has prided itself on being the leader of the healthy sitting movement. Instead of making extreme goals to stand all day or run a marathon every week, we have found a solution that is doable – healthy sitting. You are not meant to sit still, so instead of forcing your body to sit upright and rigid, the Varier recliners allow your body to move intuitively, gliding from one sitting position to the next. The relaxed movement that you will experience will reshape the way you sit and increase your overall wellness.

Through the unique combination of unparalleled quality, modern design and ultimate comfort, Varier chairs give freedom of movement to the body – just like nature intended.

Come join the movement. Sit down and move on.

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